Change Your Words, Change Your Life

March 14, 2014

     This afternoon, I finished the Joyce Meyer book, Change Your Words, Change Your Life: Understanding the Power of Every Word You Speak. In this book, Joyce explains, in depth, the Biblical principle that “death and life are in the power of the tongue…..” (Proverbs 18:21, KJV). She stresses the need that one has to be careful in every word that is uttered.
     For me, however, the most powerful part of the book was the last twenty-five pages. In the appendix of her book, she includes “A Dictionary of God’s Word.” In these final words of her publication, Joyce lets the Bible do the talking. She has many Scripture verses for coping with trying times of life. These are, indeed, encouraging.
     I would highly recommend this book for anyone, new believer or lifelong Christian. After reading this book and applying it to one’s life, it would make for a more joyous and fruitful existence.

Scripture quotations from The Authorized (King James) Version. Rights in the Authorized Version in the United Kingdom are vested in the Crown. Reproduced by permission of the Crown’s patentee, Cambridge University Press.

4 Responses to “Change Your Words, Change Your Life”

  1. Scott, I was so surprised to see this book title tonight when I opened my e-mail. Just this morning, my pastor’s wife told me she had loaned this book to one of our church members yesterday. It’s not often you see/hear a title twice in one day. Perhaps it’s a book I should get myself. I read a great deal, and I know Joyce Meyer is a good choice. I understand her “Beauty for Ashes” is an excellent read also.

    • Hi Diane,

      This is the second book of Joyce’s that I have read. The first one was “Do Yourself a Favor, Forgive.” They have both been a blessing to me. Yes, if you get a chance, read this book. I would also like to read the “Beauty for Ashes” book at some point. God bless you.


      • I don’t know where you buy your books, but if you are not familiar with, you should check them out. I get many books as well as movies and gift items for a much lower price than in a store. As long as you buy several items at a time, the shipping and handling isn’t too bad. If you only buy one book, the shipping here (Southwestern Ontario) is about $7.50, so that really doesn’t pay. But you can order around $30.00 worth for about the same shipping.

      • Thanks for the tip, Diane. Lately, I have been checking them out at our public libraries. God bless you.

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