Silver Platter

February 9, 2014

     The last four days, for me, have been some of the most glorious that I have experienced in a long time. And all coming after a severe test a couple of days before. One theme that has linked these days of God’s presence has been “silver platter.”

     I won’t go into the trial that I went through, other than to say, it was God who saw me through it. To Him be all of the glory!

     My breakthrough began in the home of a dear eighty-four year old sister-in-Christ, who after praying with me, brought the communion cups on a silver platter. It was the culmination of a victorious time of prayer and worship in her home.

     The next day, this past Friday, I was in a mighty prayer service at Faith Assembly of God Orlando, where my wife and I attend. It was a time of rejoicing and deliverance also!

     Yesterday, my wife and I went to the Prayer Center at Calvary Assembly at Winter Park, FL. We had a mighty time of prayer and worship for about an hour-and-a-half there. The presence of the Lord was strong!

     And then there’s today! We had a visiting evangelist come to Faith Assembly for two morning services and one evening one, Mike Shreve. All I can say it that it was awesome! Jesus was in the place! The Holy Spirit was doing mighty things!

     People were being healed of diseases, filled with the Holy Spirit and delivered from oppression of the enemy. Once again, to God be all of the glory!

     But one of the great things, in my opinion, that happened was the prophetic word that came this morning and tonight about a global revival that is coming to Orlando and our church. The evangelist spoke this word today and tonight over our body.

     After church, which ran for about three hours tonight, I spoke with several pastors and others that all of the components for a global move-of-God are in place. Here in Orlando, we have an international airport, more hotels than any other place on earth, four major roadways, a facility that seats just under three-thousand, parking for over sixteen-hundred and an amazing staff. And not only that, Orlando is the number one world destination. The pieces are all in place for this global revival to happen. Or, in other words, everything sits on a “silver platter” ready to be used by God for His glory and honor! “Lord, let it happen!”

2 Responses to “Silver Platter”

  1. RJ Dawson said

    That’s great news, Scott. I don’t know if we have talked about this before, but the Lord revealed this to me very clearly back in September of 2010, saying we were in the early stages of a national Great Awakening. Very encouraging. Be blessed.

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