Do Yourself a Favor…Forgive

February 1, 2014

     This past Tuesday, I checked out this book at the Winter Park Library.  By Friday afternoon, I had read the book twice (187 pages).  It was time well-spent.

     Joyce talks about letting go of hurts, anger, bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness.  She lets us know that holding onto these things only hurts the one who refuses to release them.

     One paragraph that really ministered to me came in chapter thirteen.  Joyce writes, “Mercy is kindness beyond what is reasonable.  In other words, there is no reason for God’s kindness that can be found.  He is kind, and we are the blessed recipients of His kindness” (p. 155).

     This book was a tremendous blessing to me.  I highly recommend it!

7 Responses to “Do Yourself a Favor…Forgive”

  1. Ray's Mom said

    Forgiveness is something that should be earned, then maintained by the transgressor. Sorry, I am slow to forgive a repeat offender. Just encourages them to continue bad behavior. I always follow the rule that one does not reward bad behavior. God bless

  2. Thanks for the review of this book, Scott. I’ve always liked her straight talk way of preaching.

  3. arm5 said

    The last few months I have had to swallow my pride and forgive some people that has really hurt me. As long as you hang on to the act that was done to you it will become a source of pride. It really is our pride the keeps us from forgiving the other party.

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